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Binetsu Shoujo - Full 29 Chap


Binetsu Shoujo - Full Chap - End

Other name: The Feverish Girl
Genres: Comedy,Drama,Manga,Romance,Shoujo
Author: MIYASAKA Kaho
Status: Completed
Views: 5475

Rina seems like your cute, every-day school girl whose going to school and looking for love. However, its Rinas poor health and constant fevers that seems to prevent her from doing what she wants. Yet, that does not stop her from falling in love with a boy she sees on the train to school everyday. When she finally works up the courage to confess her feelings to him, she finds herself meeting and falling in love with someone different altogether. Binetsu Shoujo is about their blossoming love and the many battles they fight to be together.

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Binetsu Shoujo - Chap Binetsu Shoujo 024
Binetsu Shoujo - Chap Binetsu Shoujo 023
Binetsu Shoujo - Chap Binetsu Shoujo 022
Binetsu Shoujo - Chap Binetsu Shoujo 021
Binetsu Shoujo - Chap Binetsu Shoujo 020
Binetsu Shoujo - Chap Binetsu Shoujo 019
Binetsu Shoujo - Chap Binetsu Shoujo 018
Binetsu Shoujo - Chap Binetsu Shoujo 017
Binetsu Shoujo - Chap Binetsu Shoujo 016
Binetsu Shoujo - Chap Binetsu Shoujo 015
Binetsu Shoujo - Chap Binetsu Shoujo 014
Binetsu Shoujo - Chap Binetsu Shoujo 013
Binetsu Shoujo - Chap Binetsu Shoujo 012
Binetsu Shoujo - Chap Binetsu Shoujo 011
Binetsu Shoujo - Chap Binetsu Shoujo 010
Binetsu Shoujo - Chap Binetsu Shoujo 009
Binetsu Shoujo - Chap Binetsu Shoujo 008
Binetsu Shoujo - Chap Binetsu Shoujo 007
Binetsu Shoujo - Chap Binetsu Shoujo 006
Binetsu Shoujo - Chap Binetsu Shoujo 005
Binetsu Shoujo - Chap Binetsu Shoujo 004
Binetsu Shoujo - Chap Binetsu Shoujo 003
Binetsu Shoujo - Chap Binetsu Shoujo 002
Binetsu Shoujo - Chap Binetsu Shoujo 001 002
Binetsu Shoujo - Chap Binetsu Shoujo 001 001
Binetsu Shoujo - Chap Binetsu Shoujo 001

Binbougami ga! - Update Chap 31


Binbougami ga! - Update Chap

Other name: 穷神,窮神,貧乏神が!,貧乏神が!,贫乏神,贫乏神来了,가난뱅이 신이,Binbou Kami ga!,Binbougami-ga!,Binpō-gami ga!,The God of Poverty Is!
Genres: Action,Comedy,Fantasy,School Life,Shounen
Author: SUKENO Yoshiaki
Status: Ongoing
Views: 25724

Sakura Ichiko is a 16-year-old girl who leads a charmed life and is blessed with beauty, brains, and health. She has an abundance of “Happiness Energy”, which can make people happy, but at the cost of absorbing all the “Happiness Energy” from her surroundings. She has caused the energy balance of the world to become unbalanced and because of this, she becomes the target of a Poverty God named Momiji. Momiji's goal is to remove Ichiko’s power of absorbing other people’s Happiness Energy and to return all the energy she has taken to its rightful place.

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Binbougami ga - Chap Vol006 027 Stand Up
Binbougami ga - Chap Vol006 026 Even I Have Prid...
Binbougami ga - Chap Vol006 025 Swim All of You...
Binbougami ga - Chap Vol006 024 It�s Like an �En...
Binbougami ga - Chap Binbougami ga 032
Binbougami ga - Chap 023 Is it something I can't g...
Binbougami ga - Chap 022 Let me hear Your answer
Binbougami ga - Chap 021 And Once That's Done, Bre...
Binbougami ga - Chap 019 There�s No Way This Could...
Binbougami ga - Chap 018 You Already Have the Answ...
Binbougami ga - Chap 017 Someday, Call Me by My Na...
Binbougami ga - Chap 016 Who are You
Binbougami ga - Chap 015 You Have People Who Wait ...
Binbougami ga - Chap 014 Something Like Secretly M...
Binbougami ga - Chap 013 Call my Name
Binbougami ga - Chap 012 I Just Thought About Ripp...
Binbougami ga - Chap 011 I won't forget today for ...
Binbougami ga - Chap 010 The Pattern Of Being Brou...
Binbougami ga - Chap 009 Retort
Binbougami ga - Chap 008
Binbougami ga - Chap 007 Who's the Small Breasted ...
Binbougami ga - Chap 006 As Thanks She'll XXX You ...
Binbougami ga - Chap 005 Huh You Just Threw That O...
Binbougami ga - Chap 004 He Got Smaller
Binbougami ga - Chap 003 Now This Feels Like the T...
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Binbougami ga - Chap 001 You Might Be a God, But A...
Binbougami ga - Chap 000 Oneshot

Billy Bat - Update Chap 86


Billy Bat - Update Chap

Genres: Drama,Historical,Manga,Mystery,Psychological,Seinen
Author: Urasawa Naoki
Status: Ongoing
Views: 13044

Billy Bat is a comic-in-a-comic and the real protagonist is a Japanese-American artist named Kevin Yamagata who draws Billy Bat for "Marble Comics".
Shortly after they transition to the artist in his studio as two actual detectives, who look like Laurel and Hardy in Dick Tracy era suits and trench coats, knock on the door and appropriate Kevin's room for the purpose of conducting surveillance on a room in an adjacent building. One of the detectives, the skinny “Laurel”, sees Kevin's work and it turns out he's a Billy Bat fan. The other chubby "Hardy" detective picks up a page and says that the characters look familiar and accuses Kevin of translating an old "Jap" comic.
As Hardy remembers the comic he thinks Kevin is ripping off, the story jumps off to 1949 Tokyo.

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Billy Bat - Chap 080 Late Night Confession [0030...
Billy Bat - Chap 079 Rule (002008)
Billy Bat - Chap 078 Serial Murder Case
Billy Bat - Chap 077
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Billy Bat - Chap 074 Doodle
Billy Bat - Chap 073 Everything Continues
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Billy Bat - Chap 071 Time Travel and Infinite Eart...
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Billy Bat - Chap 069 Two Simpletons
Billy Bat - Chap 068 I Am 008 Man
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Billy Bat - Chap 054
Billy Bat - Chap 053
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Billy Bat - Chap 051
Billy Bat - Chap 050
Billy Bat - Chap 049
Billy Bat - Chap 048
Billy Bat - Chap 047
Billy Bat - Chap 046
Billy Bat - Chap 045
Billy Bat - Chap 044
Billy Bat - Chap 043
Billy Bat - Chap 042
Billy Bat - Chap 041
Billy Bat - Chap 040
Billy Bat - Chap 039
Billy Bat - Chap 038
Billy Bat - Chap 037
Billy Bat - Chap 036
Billy Bat - Chap 035
Billy Bat - Chap 034
Billy Bat - Chap 033
Billy Bat - Chap 032
Billy Bat - Chap 031
Billy Bat - Chap 030
Billy Bat - Chap 029
Billy Bat - Chap 028
Billy Bat - Chap 027
Billy Bat - Chap 026
Billy Bat - Chap 025
Billy Bat - Chap 024
Billy Bat - Chap 023
Billy Bat - Chap 022
Billy Bat - Chap 021
Billy Bat - Chap 020
Billy Bat - Chap 019
Billy Bat - Chap 018
Billy Bat - Chap 017
Billy Bat - Chap 016
Billy Bat - Chap 015
Billy Bat - Chap 014
Billy Bat - Chap 013
Billy Bat - Chap 012
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Billy Bat - Chap 010
Billy Bat - Chap 009
Billy Bat - Chap 008
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Billy Bat - Chap 006
Billy Bat - Chap 005
Billy Bat - Chap 004
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Billionaire Girl - Update Chap 5


Billionaire Girl - Update Chap

Other name: ビリオネアガー,亿万富豪少女
Genres: Drama,Romance,Seinen,Slice of Life
Author: Hasekura Isuna,Katsura Asuka
Status: Ongoing
Views: 6654

Takato Kei is just an ordinary college student, training for an ordinary life, when he falls into a strange and appealing part-time job. He’s been hired to tutor a teenage girl at home for 10,000 yen an hour! The girl in question, Fujioka Yukari, is not a high-school student, but a highly successful day trader who has already amassed 170 billion yen! Despite her money and her beautiful apartment, Kei can’t help feeling like there’s a certain loneliness about the cute teenage girl. She even seems embarrassed of her career, as if her obsession with the stock market and the vast amount of time she spends moving stocks makes her an otaku. Kei may be just the person she needs to help her break out of her isolated lifestyle and acquire the one thing money can’t buy– happiness.

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Billionaire Girl - Chap Billionaire Girl 2
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Billionaire Bachelors: Stone - Oneshot


Billionaire Bachelors: Stone - Full Chap - End

Other name: 愛を知らない億万長者,Ai o Shiranai Okumanchouja,Billionaire Bachelors: Stone
Genres: Josei,Romance
Author: Anne Marie Winston,CHIHARA Esu
Status: Completed
Views: 4191

After her father's death, Faith's guardian, Stone, has been paying for her school fees and living costs without her knowledge. He was always the go-to person when she had problems... But since he is only her guardian, Faith couldn't let him pay for her any longer! So she quits school and begins working to repay her debt to Stone. Unable to persuade her to change her mind, Stone offers her a proposition... he says, "In return for writing off your debt, will you marry me?" Stone tells Faith that his mother will not hand over her company to him until he is married. A proposal from a man she loves... or is this all just a business deal?

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Billionaire Bachelors Stone - Chap 001

Billion Princess - Update Chap 20


Billion Princess - Update Chap

Genres: Drama,Manhua,Romance,Shoujo
Author: Yu Jia Yan
Status: Ongoing
Views: 3778

Bai-Yao’s father is the owner of one of the largest media companies in Asia. She is beautiful, rich and popular so she is considered as a modern-day princess. Even though Bai-Yao is being railroaded into an arranged marriage by her mother, our princess is in a secret relationship with the famous male singer Yin, who is represented by her father’s company. Working at her father’s company is Tien, an errand boy with dreams of becoming a songwriter, who also happens to adore Bai-Yao. The trio’s lives are entangled when a unexpected death happens.

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Billion Princess - Chap 020
Billion Princess - Chap 019
Billion Princess - Chap 018
Billion Princess - Chap 017
Billion Princess - Chap 016
Billion Princess - Chap 015
Billion Princess - Chap 014
Billion Princess - Chap 013
Billion Princess - Chap 012
Billion Princess - Chap 011
Billion Princess - Chap 010
Billion Princess - Chap 009
Billion Princess - Chap 008
Billion Princess - Chap 007
Billion Princess - Chap 006
Billion Princess - Chap 005
Billion Princess - Chap 004
Billion Princess - Chap 003
Billion Princess - Chap 002

Billion Girl - Update Chap 36


Billion Girl - Update Chap

Genres: Drama,Manga,Mature,Romance,Shoujo
Author: Sakai Miwa
Status: Ongoing
Views: 5953

For heroine Ooba Kanoko, life is not much fun. Her family runs a small restaurant where she slaves and is horribly mistreated by her two sisters, parents, and grandparent. (Not to mention the fact that her name said aloud as "Oobaka no ko" = "stupid kid"!) Poor Kanoko cooks, cleans, and takes the blame when things go wrong. However, her life takes an unusual turn when her family suddenly loses what little money it had, and everything they own is about to be reposessed -- and along comes a ragged looking, tall stranger with an interesting proposition that will turn Kanoko into a billion dollar Cinderella! At a price to Kanoko...

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Billion Girl - Chap 036
Billion Girl - Chap 035
Billion Girl - Chap 034
Billion Girl - Chap 033 5
Billion Girl - Chap 033
Billion Girl - Chap 032
Billion Girl - Chap 031
Billion Girl - Chap 030
Billion Girl - Chap 029
Billion Girl - Chap 028
Billion Girl - Chap 027
Billion Girl - Chap 026
Billion Girl - Chap 025
Billion Girl - Chap 024
Billion Girl - Chap 023
Billion Girl - Chap 022
Billion Girl - Chap 021 1
Billion Girl - Chap 021
Billion Girl - Chap 020
Billion Girl - Chap 019
Billion Girl - Chap 018
Billion Girl - Chap 017
Billion Girl - Chap 016
Billion Girl - Chap 015
Billion Girl - Chap 014
Billion Girl - Chap 013
Billion Girl - Chap 012
Billion Girl - Chap 011
Billion Girl - Chap 010
Billion Girl - Chap 009
Billion Girl - Chap 008 1
Billion Girl - Chap 008
Billion Girl - Chap 007
Billion Girl - Chap 006
Billion Girl - Chap 005
Billion Girl - Chap 004
Billion Girl - Chap 003
Billion Girl - Chap 002
Billion Girl - Chap 001

Bikou Root - Update Chap 000


Bikou Root - Update Chap

Other name: 微香ルート,Monkey Root,Shadow Root
Genres: Comedy,Romance,School Life,Shoujo
Author: Takanashi Mitsuba
Status: Ongoing
Views: 1135

Ichiko has idolized Arashi-sempai from a far, ever since she saw him play in his band a year ago.
When she accidentally damages his right hand, she promises to become his right hand and do everything he needs until he recovers. Will this be the chance she's always wanted to get close to him, or will it prove to be more than she can handle?

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Bikou Root - Chap Bikou Root 000

Bikini! - Full 9 Chap


Bikini! - Full Chap - End

Other name: ビキニ!
Genres: Comedy,Romance,School Life,Shoujo,Sports
Author: Mizukami Wataru
Status: Completed
Views: 3845

Umi has just transferred schools, and she's all set with a dream of putting together a team of ultimate swimmers, called the Splash Five! While recruiting talented boys to wear speedos, will she end up falling in love...?

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Bikini - Chap 009
Bikini - Chap 008
Bikini - Chap 007
Bikini - Chap 006
Bikini - Chap 005
Bikini - Chap 004
Bikini - Chap 003
Bikini - Chap 002
Bikini - Chap 001

Bijo Juku - Update Chap 8


Bijo Juku - Update Chap

Other name: 美女塾,Beauty School,Bijojuku,Bijyojyuku,Bizyoyuku
Genres: Comedy,Romance,School Life,Shoujo
Author: Yokoyama Mayumi
Status: Ongoing
Views: 4096

Hanazono Eve is a woman in search for the perfect suitor. However, because of her family's influence, she believes that only rich men are worth marrying. But, what will happen when she enters the school that just became co-ed recently?

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Bijo Juku - Chap Vol002 006 A Maiden and A Beast...
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Bijo Juku - Chap Vol001 003
Bijo Juku - Chap Vol001 002
Bijo Juku - Chap Vol001 001
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